Access by Plane:

Access to Jeju Island:
Jeju Island(Jeju International Airport) has good access to international flights.

Jeju International Airport is linked to a handful of International airports (in China, Japan, Taiwan and one a day from Incheon which may be difficult to get flights on1) and most Korean Domestic airports, above all Gimpo. (about 20 a day).

See the airport webpages for more details:
Jeju Airport
Incheon to Gimpo by train
Incheon to Gimpo information

Access by Boat:

For the adventure inclined consider the delightful option of KTX to Mokpo and the Ferry through the 1001 islands between the mainland and Jeju. Not fast, but 1000 times more interesting. And sometimes just a cheap, currently KTX have a very reasonable combined train and ferry ticket. The details of this are hard to find via the webpages. Please contact us if you are interested in this option (Several of us are taking this option, as for help if you are interested).

KTX route

Access to ICC Jeju:

Once you arrive you will need to travel the 30-40km from Jeju city to Seogwipo:

Or, for a bit of freedom once you arrive, consider this option:
Note that they will insist on a international drivers licence.

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