Ivtw Participants

List of registrations as of 1st Oct 2013

Name Institution Title
Bong Won, Sohn KASI TBD
Taehyun, Jung Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute -
Chris Phillips CSIRO TBD
Zsolt Paragi JIVE Radio Transients in the Local Universe [invited talk]
Jeroen Koelemeij LaserLaB VU University Methods for data, time and ultrastable frequency transfer through long-haul optical fiber links
Richard Dodson KASI TBD
Arpad Szomoru Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe TBD
Harro Verkouter Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe a-VLBI with jive5ab
Walter Brisken NRAO The mathematics of low-bit quantization
Do-Heung Je Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute KVN Instrumental Phase Calibration
Mark Kettenis JIVE SFXC: The new ENV (e-)VLBI correlator at JIVE
Se-Jin Oh Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Recent progress of Daejeon Correlator
Maria Rioja OAN CSO frequency standards for the shortest VLBI wavelengths
Anastasios Tzioumis CSIRO No Presentation
Michael Lindqvist Onsala Space Observatory The EVN - a status report
Hitoshi Kiuchi National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Photonic microwave/millimeter-wave generation and transmission techniques for ALMA
Cormac Reynolds ICRAR No Presentation
Roger Hammargren Onsala Space Observatory e-VLBI related activities at the Onsala Space Observatory (poster)
Jose Antonio Lopez Fernandez IGN Spain RAEGE Activities
Takefuji Kazuhiro NICT/Kashima Evaluation of the RF Direct sampler GALAS for the VGOS Era
Mauro Nanni INAF-IRA No Presentation
Matteo Stagni INAF - IRA VLBI-IT: infrastructure and organization of the Italian VLBI network
Gan Jiangying Shanghai Astronomical Observatory The design of next generation hardware correlator (poster)
MAMORU SEDKIDO NICT/Japan Development of wideband VLBI system – Gala-V
Jonathan Quick Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory No Presentation
Tim Natusch AUT University, Auckland New Zealand New Zealand VLBI status and developments
Duk-Gyoo Roh KASI No Presentation
Leif Morten Tangen Norwegian Mapping Authority No Presentation
Line Langkaas Norwegian Mapping Autority New observatory at Ny-Ålesund
Christopher Beaudoin MIT Haystack Observatory Progress toward first tri-baseline broadband observations
Alan Whitney MIT Haystack Observatory Update on Mark 6 VLBI Data System
Jeong Ae Lee KASI KVN Calibrator Survey
Zhao Guangyao KASI No Presentation
Seungyong Kang Ajou University No Presentation
Jeewon Lee KASI No Presentation
Jiman Kang KASI No Presentation
ChungSik Oh KASI No Presentation
JinSeung Jung KASI No Presentation
DongKyu Jung KASI No Presentation
Songyoun Park Yonsei/KASI No Presentation
Hyunwoo Kang KASI No Presentation
Yusuke Kono NAOJ TBD - Octav

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